1 Piece 3 ways: How to style without spending a dime.

I started working for Shoes Dsire back in 2014, Shoes Dsire is a fashion start-up app that has revolutionized the way we 1. Shop and 2. Find our dream shoe. Being that it’s a start-up, I took on the challenge of wearing many hats and one of them is coming up with weekly concepts that we can film for all our users to enjoy!

So this week I teamed up with Lowe Morale Productions crew (who are quite amazing) to bring you something special; 1 Piece 3 Ways: a fun and creative way to style one piece from your wardrobe, three different ways without having to spend a dime.

1 piece 3 ways are my favorite due to it forcing me to be extremely creative because sometimes it feels like it’s nearly impossible to wear something so different each time but I’m always surprised. Which ends up being inspiration for me to wear that outfit again the next time I go out.

And in case you were shazaming that song, here’s the full mix by my good friend Xavier Blk!

First outfit: overalls, turtle neck crop top, monochromatic heels

Second outfit: overalls, graphic tee, and sandals

Third outfit: overalls, boyfriend button-up, statement necklace and neutral heels

Now tell me, out of all three which one is your favorite?