It’s Sunday and here I am sitting adjacent from a window that leaks in the perfect amount of light; just enough for me to snap a photo of my work desk that I would later post on Instagram with a caption of: “On Sunday’s, I dive into a 3 hour work day. Get acquainted.”

Sounds off-brand being that on Sunday’s the average human rest and preps themselves mentally for Monday. But for me, Sunday’s plays a hug part into my upcoming work week because if I am able to give myself and my craft the time it needs to evolve then everything else to follow is simply childs-play.

Before mastering the 3 Hour work day, I took to Twitter my frustrations because rants on Twitter is what I’m known for and in the midst of my rant a friend tweeted me, “build it and they will come.” And with that piece of advice I started to create a world that I could live in and fully support myself without the weight of a 9 to 5.

I started the 3 Hour work day ritual when I was working a dead-end job that literally had nothing to do with my craft. Those three hours allowed me to create freely with no restrictions, or judgement. It was just me and whatever the hell I wanted to do and eventually it made my dead-end job more bearable because I had something to look forward to. Plus, creating is cheaper than therapy.

So what exactly is the 3 Hour work day? It’s simply three hours taken out of your day, where you hone in on yourself and what you want to achieve.

Within those three hours you can: learn something new, perfect what you know or simply do nothing at all because sometimes the art of doing nothing is utterly satisfying on its own.

My line of work is non-stop and sometimes I lose balance or sight of what it all really means but setting aside time for myself really benefits everything else that follows. So dive into your 3 hour work day and let me know how it goes!