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Back to the Future is easily one of my top ten movies of all time; the American science fiction movie made a huge impact on: fashion, technology and even footwear.

To pay tribute to #BTTF2015, here is 5 things to welcome Marty Mcfly to the future

1. Self-Lace Nike Air Mag: Even though previously released back in 2011, the world still wonders if today may be the day that Nike will release the self-lace Nike Air Mag.


2. Hover boards: Innovative brands such as Lexus are constantly working towards making produtcts such as the hoverboard as cool as Marty’s but hey, we’re almost there.

3. Denim on Denim: The denim on denim trend is still a thing. So in Marty’s case; he hasn’t skipped a beat in fashion.


4. Pepsi Perfect: Today Pepsi celebrates Marty’s first date with Jennifer in the future by releasing over 6,000 bottles of its futuristic design. Sources say they’ll be selling for $20 each, so grab yours.

5. Where is the DeLorean? The original DeLorean has been permanently stored inside of Universal Studios. Marty just incase you need it for something, you now know where to find it.