Anxiety; it’s the trending word among millennial’s and it’s the sneakiest most life-cringing moment that most 20-something’s have to endure especially being in high demand industries or jobs.

I am one of those millennials, I live among those who day-in and day-out are constantly battling on to keep our whits and how to manage being where we are and where we want to be without the pressure of the world seamlessly crushing our ability to think well and think positive.

We are consumed in mind tricks and withheld by so much emotion that certain days don’t seem as feasible as they should. That staying in bed with the covers over our head and a stomach full of knots is much more preferred than to face the world with an imbalance of what truly is reality.

That is anxiety. In a nutshell.

Yet for those who live anxiety-free, here’s anxiety explained by Audrey Hepburn:


The feeling of something so little starting to take over our mind, making every question into a doubt. And so we begin to embrace what’s about to start.

We try not to overreact, we breathe in and breathe out and grasp on to the positive things. Remind ourselves that it’s mind over matter.

But most of the time, anxiety takes over so quickly that we can no longer embrace the good. Stressed the hell out is the term for that.


We begin to feel alone and submerged by all the weight of negativity.


We want someone to talk to but we feel like it’s a burden so we try to manage by ourselves.


But then there’s always that friend, who pry the truth out of you. And you cry, and talk until you pin-point the problem.

Feeling so much better because you no longer have to carry the weight alone.