Anxiety in my 20’s has become an uphill battle, one day I am on my way to victory and other days I am swimming/drowning/treading amongst it.


Waking up can seem more like a task than a blessing and maneuvering around this thing called life, can seem more like a crash course then it is a journey.
Yet for as long as I can remember, I have always been this way.

A timid, on-the-verge of breaking, super awkward girl hailing in a city of the pretty that is most known for their superficial fixations was diagnosed with PTSD at such a young age. This diagnosis created so much negative space and without having to go much into detail, we’ll just imagine what led me to such diagnosis because what led me here no longer matters, why I still deal with this mental constraint does.

Growing up, I was that girl in your classroom grasping for air in the middle of exams, or the girl who for one second is standing tall and the next passed out on the floor because something trigged an attack.

Yet after many sessions, pep talks, hugs and reassurance; finding normalcy in a chaos-driven world seemed more exhausting then fighting it. But here I am at 20-something, finding balance and fighting my inner demons like a veteran without taking any medications.
I don’t care how corny or cliche it may sound because being able to design and create has alleviated a lot of that cloudiness and heartache.

Withstanding the whirlwind that goes on in my mind with colors, shapes and concepts. I can bask in a world where I am free from anxiety and can truly love the woman I am, without taking an medication or harmful tendencies.

These mixed illustrations represent my battle with anxiety and my ability to withstand it all on a daily basis. It helps me deal with my anxiety in a new way, making it known that I am aware I can dwell within it yet it won’t be long until I bounce back.

Now over to you, if you deal with anxiety would love to hear your ways of coping and moving forward in the comment box below or you can always tweet me.

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Anxiety in my 20's