Never have I been someone to swoon over the whole fast fashion shakes hands with the high end designer trend. Feels like I am being tricked into buying something, so I always chose to go without.

The BALMAIN X H&M collection has replaced the witty and ethereal H&M woman with an army, who douses themselves in gold and rope. Lodging around in heavy set jackets, that’ll never see the light of day in Florida and the velvet-like dresses that can suffocate their enemies.

And while I fight the deep denial of how badass this collection is my skepticism is just as real. Trying to refrain to be so critical but alas, are my dreams crushed when all the pieces I wouldn’t mind snagging will cost me over $2,000?

We normally don’t speak numbers, instead we sugar coat them with “At that price, you wouldn’t even own half a Balmain dress.” And while that is all sorts of truth does that still meet the consumer needs? Or does it even matter?

Yet my friends, here I am dabbling into the endless possibilities of ways to style the BALMAIN X H&M collection and how without taking these pieces home; I will endure the never-ending sense of FOMO and being coined as the gal who coulda-shoulda-woulda.

But at nearly two-grand, I may have to sit this one out; yet again.

Velvet-like dress can be paired with sneakers too! Can be worn with a dress underneath or nothing at all Pair this blazer with boyfriend jeans and heels May be mens but would look dope with a pair of chucks! Cut offs and a crop top Bust out the heels with this dress Worn open with a two piece white set
Wear this with a graphic tee

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