Thanks to Richie Velazques, we’re introduced to the Digital Death + Grime, a unique approach to a new form of design in the world of graphics and illustrations. Richie decided to take this new form into his hands and create a movement that is both infectious and too dope to even pass up.

From my perspective, the grimey approach in design is memorable and is solid enough from brands to want a piece of what Richie is all about. When Richie agreed to answer some questions regarding his work, I was stoked to know more about this dude, who I literally stumbled upon via-pinterest.

Lets get acquainted, shall we?

1. Your hometown

I’m from the Inland Empire , California (GrimeTime 909)(REEFERSIDE 951)

2. What led you to creating and sticking to the grimey aesthetic?

At the time the life style around me was grimey and the only thing I could relate my stuff to was grime. I don’t know how the grime came to be
but I was just bored with graphic design and people telling me that stuff had to be clean. I was just posting all the time and didn’t really realize that the stuff was getting reposted.


3. From all the pieces you’ve made, what’s your most memorable. (As I’ve seen you previously worked with Beats by Dre)

The Chuck Close is the most memorable to me, but to other people maybe the iconic ones like the Tupac, Gameboy and the PBR can.

4. What’s the movement or purpose behind your brand?

It’s really not a brand and I tell people it’s more of a support thing like band merch’. And as long as people keep supporting the longer I get to do it. I’m learning that if you want to be successful you have to make people believe in what you’re doing. I think it’s more than just buying a cool looking shirt; it’s a good thing to be prepared and to always stay productive because you never know which one of your creations might blow up.


5. What brands would you look forward to working with? What was your favorite and why?

That’s a tough one! It’s always good working with brands but you also get to meet awesome people and artist. You get that nice pay off and sometimes when the seasons over, the design is old news, or didn’t do as well or maybe it did awesome! I did some work for @HoneyBrandCo and got to see how fast stuff can get out there. Every time I work with a different brand or client I learn a bit more about the industry and that’s always a plus when you’re trying to create your own.

6.  In the industry do you find your style being copied and any advice to those who have?

Yeah there is no way around that part. It seems like whether your style is easy or hard these “inspired” graphic designers will always find a way to duplicate.
I was there too though. You learn about this random hidden ninja artist respect code thing where you learn on your own that, “You Can’t Touch This” haha… I don’t know, it’s like a common sense thing for me, I see stuff all the time and go “SHIT. THAT’S AWESOME WISH I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT!!!” then I tell myself “CAN’T TOUCH THIS.” 
It’s the Internet you can’t stop these Meme Monsters and duplicators. There is no sense in wasting time fighting it. If you stay productive there is no time for hating, only time for creating +:)