Within two days, Donald Glover drops app and full album experience date.

On the app, it states that a full album experience is to set off on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Joshua Tree, California. And well, as you can expect the internet whirled into a frenzy; including me.

When Donald tweeted this, my friend immediately told me to check it out and download the app. Minutes later, we were left to decipher what exactly this app was about but many Google searches later we were only left with patience and the mere assumption that the numbers at the bottom indicated a countdown to the official launch.

Yet when roughly about 20 hours pass, I am then told that perhaps the numbers aren’t an indication of a countdown but a reference of distance to Earth.


After a nights rest and another round of Google searching, and the occasional Reddit theory on what exactly Donald Glover up to, I was by then completely convinced that this app wasn’t going to launch by time but by distance so I waited until round 6pm today when my friend tweeted me:



Finally. The internet landed in Joshua Tree, California and we were all accompanied by the notion that on September 2nd, you can experience a full album camp-side experience with your friends for $99.

Yet after all, the internet is still wondering where Pharos is taking us next and at this point, Donald could very well release more than just tour dates. Others are hoping for Donald to release Frank’s album, which is pretty unlikely but I mean, I ain’t mad at them for hoping that.

What about you?



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