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Everything’s Peachy is what I keep mumbling to myself because being an optimist is resourceful yet sometimes exhausting …or whatever.

Anyway, I’m currently in Las Vegas feeling extremely homesick but refusing to opt out of trying to enjoy the city. So I resurfaced from my bed this morning and surfed the interwebz to find some sort of inspiration and willingness to venture out. Then I stumbled across a recurring theme… peach induced prints, graphics and staple style pieces and now I get it, everything’s peachy no matter the occasion.

So lets get acquainted, shall we?

1. Kate Pugsley; a Chi-Town based illustrator who creates soft and light prints and paintings now has my attention. Kate created the one you see above which is both intriguing and endearing enough to become a staple piece in my home decor.

2. This was a random arrangement I found but couldn’t get enough of the touch of minimalism accompanied by the peach and green.

3. Okay these Adidas Racer Lite in Dust Pink (not peach but whatever) have me #swooning at the moment. They are literally sold out everywhere but as you can see, that doesn’t stop me from being obsessed with them at the moment.

4. Really hate when I can’t find the source of photos but this photo is everything from the composition to the subtle yet stunning placement. Makes me feel like the Wicked Witch got stuck again but this time around way more fabulous.

5. Hannah Klem VSCO game is pretty legit, kind of envious almost. But this photo she captured of the Cactus and all its glory in one single photo is my favorite and since I’m in Nevada might as well pay tribute to this worlds greatest creations.

5. Jennis Li Cheng Tien simply SNAPPED! This piece is from the ‘Have A Nice Day’ collection, digital works that were sourced from the internet and simply made into her own.