finding my staple: keds with a coat

Side note: I photoshopped the hell out of this coat and still couldn’t fully achieve posting this wrinkle-free but it’s okay, both you and I will live.

Anyways, finding my staple took one hell of a journey yet I’ve mastered another year of adulthood and somewhat graciously entered my #GoldenYear with a means to look on the brighter side of things, which includes dressing up more.

Some of you may know that working from home definitely has its perks, but as I go along it can induce really strange side-effects like: rocking the same t-shirt for two days in a row, eating take-out and forgetting that there is a world outside of the computer screen I adamantly stare at for over eight hours a day.

And when I step out in public, I am bewildered by the fresh air and the glances that I am given for looking like I’m lost in the concrete jungle. But there has been a lot of work that I have solely put in these past two months, like really hard work.

The kind of work that would make you question whether or not all the grievances you’ve paid is worth it or all the parties you missed to all the FOMO you sulked in this year.

But there’s this little high I get when fine tuning what I’m missing; whether it’s reverting back to a classic pair of Keds or a coat that I will wear wherever I go.

All of this to dig up after the perfect weight of work and slay, where a 20-something conquers her fear of social anxiety and plummets right through to the core of the crowd and dances the night away —as I did on my 26th birthday.
versatile coat