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FREELANCING: A LOVE AND HATE RELATIONSHIP on finding balance in both your personal and work life all while at home.

Welcome to Freelancing.
Wake up, brew some coffee, blast your favorite album and get to work.
No one to tell you what to do.
No punching in or out.
No haggling coworkers.
Just you and the endless possibilities.

But what your freelancing friend won’t tell you upfront is all of this bliss comes with an equal amount of never-ending stress.
Or that Monday thru Friday you go stir crazy in your apartment because it seems like you live, work, eat there day in and day out.
Or better yet, the untold stories of client nightmares and the 1,000 revisions to follow.

Lets be honest, the idea of working for yourself is indeed as gratifying as it sounds, especially if you’re fully equipped with immense self-will and drive. If you found a lane you thrive in and a niche that’s unmatched.
These sort of findings and paths aren’t for everyone; my fiancé hates it. I on the other hand, strive to live the rest of my life carrying the weight of my adulthood on my back because the thrill of knowing I can create monetization thru art is the unlikely love and hate relationship I strive to keep afloat.

Yet like I said, it isn’t for everyone.

On the other spectrum of things, I do run into the occasional “Will I ever be more than just a local artist?” or the first of the month is coming and my anxiety has sky rocketed leaving me to question everything I have ever done.
Or even the more than occasional downpours of emotion and lack of drive.
Because even though, I chose this path.. I am still as human as the person who works a nine to five.

The balancing act in the world of freelancing paints a picture of someone who is:
on a tricycle while balancing a stack of books on their head and saying the alphabet backwards in two different languages.
If you can imagine that than it’s safe to say, it’s not easy feat.

So how does someone like myself find balance in the chaos?
I actively strive to educate myself on how to cope with the bad and fully embrace with the good.
When it gets tough, I don’t quit. When it’s smooth sailing, I don’t quit.
And yes, I do implement the basics, such as:

  • Going for walks when my head gets cloudy
  • Researching new mediums
  • Talk to someone, anyone.
  • Create a schedule that encourages fun
  • Have lots of “me” time
  • Set a start and stop time on projects
  • Exercise
  • Eat lots of fruit
  • Switch up your working space: go to a coffee shop, work outside

All of those things seems minor but they work hella magic on your brain and body.
Think of your brain as you think of your physical appearance, you work and train your body to look and feel a certain way. That applies to your brain as well because Freelancing in my eyes is 50% mental, 50% creative.