Life Hacks are the quintessential components to um, life. And this is coming from someone who deals with all sorts of anxiety yet I do find humor and well, relief in things that might make life a little easier to digest… even on my worst days.

So I scoured the interwebz and found this:

The Barisieur: Designer Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that wakes you up AND brews a fresh cup of coffee.

May I just add that this is GENIUS! And why haven’t avid coffee drinkers like myself think of this before?
Oh, never mind.

With a goal of over $500k, this kickstarter campaign is close to becoming a reality. So on that note, this would be an amazing gift for anyone who avidly swears by the caffeinated grounds they walk on.


Cornetto presents the Commitment Rings

The betrayal is real. So real that Cornetto decided to whip up a nifty set of rings that disable your significant other or bestie from watching shows that both of you swore to only watch together.

The rings easily integrates with your phone, and when pairing up both rings you are then given access to watch any shows you seldomly swore to watch.

When the rings aren’t paired… welp.