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Not back to black, back to gothlete.

THE LOOK | Forever21 Baseball Tee Dress (in white) | Iggy Azalea x Steve Madden – Available at Joanna Paige

Since high school, I’ve always dressed in a manner that made NO sense. If I wore a dress with jeans underneath, I was happy. If I wore boyfriend jeans, with a hoodie and Ugg boots (because lets me real, they were cool once) I was the happiest.

Personal style has always evoked the need to willingly and unapologetically be me, whether it made sense or not. Couldn’t care less whether trends or name brands were involved, and it still doesn’t.

Adopting the term Gothlete, has recently played its part into what I’ve always been about and want to be apart of; a habitual lifestyle that dates back to my high school days. Even at 25, I still manage to bring back certain clothes that heavily represented me in my teens; eventually all things are made to circle back around.

In the end, I’m just doing me.

Full editorial shot by Simply Lively
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