Kung Fury – True Survivor video is the epitome of the 80’s making a comeback.

As an avid fan of the 80’s there’s no way I could resist posting this video that released less than a week ago and immediately has exceeded over 5 Million views.

Yet what makes this video so special aside from the fact that David Hasselhoff shows that irrelevancy isn’t a problem is that this song pertains to an upcoming short film; Kung Fury. A Kickstarter sensation which gathered over $600,000 to create this short film ultimately making this a directors dream ( because hello, making movies aren’t cheap).

Kung Fury as I learned was completed filmed on green screen and composed entirely through CGI which in some cases can be seen as a good or bad thing yet given the fact that director David Sandberg and his production team made such an eye-catching and nostalgic film— I am eager to see Kung Fury and all it’s homage to the 80’s.