#limedrop magic

Recently, I got to work on the #LimeDrop campaign with Corona; a really fun and unique way to get people excited for this upcoming Cinco de Mayo!

For me the challenge was looking at past #LimeDrop submissions and seeing what I could bring differently to the table but it wasn’t long until I set out on a stop motion journey to make it happen.

Stop motion is a very tedious and precise medium, from story boarding to supplies, I always take my time with it because it needs to come out flawless. After two attempts and numerous hours (because who keeps track anyways) I nailed the project.

Also for this project, I got to feature my good friend Stephanie, who was such a good sport and an avid Corona drinker because according to her, Corona’s are gluten-free. Don’t quote me on that, just google it.

So ladies and gentlemen, here’s my #LimeDrop attempt! Let me know what you think A N D! Have a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!