Making a comeback. Why is it even called that? Why is coming back when you never left a phrase that many like myself have to use. Personally, I never left I just decided to allow my blog to collect dust and while, neglecting isn’t my cup of tea …it definitely gave me time to reevaluate the purpose of this platform.

For months, an orchestra of questions began to play on and on in my mind, pure nuisance; I tell ya’ but finally the beat of my own drum led me to drink the water I was always led to by some of my mentors. 

A whirlwind filled with debate; on whether my return to blogging was necessary or if I was forever phased out of the term. Going through the same motions of whether I fit in or not, or if I even have anything of value to say.

Yet, I’m about to step into my golden year, with many trials and tribulations being a constant contribution to both my failures and success I have opted into focusing on the many facets I have been able to tap into this year, from:

Designing graphics for some dope people, to creatively molding YesJulz Agency to the beginnings of building the next step of my own brand.

Overwriting any negative notion, I concluded that there is no way that I wouldn’t document this; at least for myself.
It would be entirely too selfish of me to keep my humble brags in a cubby hole, especially in an era where all online activity is objectified as currency and mimicked as the only way to know who’s who and who’s not.

Believe me, 90% of the this decision is for me, the other 10% is for anyone that cares or anyone that remotely cares and they chose to low-key hate on what I got going on.

Either way, this was never about you all. Never has been.
…I’m back.