Mastering the art of making it look easy under the blistering Miami heat has to be one of those things all girls must undergo if they want their photos taken.

Call it a prerequisite if you must but these photos tell no struggle and I am happy that literal sweat and tears went into this and you can barely tell.

Anyways, I am slowly morphing into a new style regimen that only consist of one to two colors which plays a little irony because my work is the complete opposite. The older I get the less I aim to put so much thought and hassle into what I wear. It’s almost as if I feel my best when I am able to pull up to a function knowing it took me minimal effort to get there.

Being a cozy gal is about elevating staple pieces that I have without having to overextend my budget or will to dress to impress. Getting rid of all my nostalgic bright high school attire and resorting to a more refined color palette because my¬†20’s have put everything into perspective.

Mastering the art of making it look easy aligns perfectly with my new mantra of less is more and it feels like me to the core.

/ photos taken by Parris Pierce /
mastering the art of making it look easy _dsc0823