Being a one woman band in 2017 has been a journey that on some days solidifies my craft and other days throws all my emotions into a fish bowl.

This sort of hustle is a perpetual state of mind, that has been such a great learning curve. Learning to take every idea, every strategy and every execution on my own accord without the dependence of others is a scary thought but one I can’t imagine being without …for now.

So lets get down to the basics:

I am a one woman band. Every project, every concept, every deliverable is simply done by me. No one else to report to, no one else to blame. You get my drift.

So how does one who works alone excel in their career?
How does a vision bloom without a team to plant the seed?

The answer is simply in the pudding: the amount of work you put in is the result you can expect to see. Meaning, I may not have a team and I exhaust myself as if I have one but what I’m building is security and a mentality of If I can do it, you can too.

There’s no excuse under the sun that should halt you from doing you, from succeeding in your lane and giving any sort reluctancy the hand. I’m always that annoying friend that without hesitancy tells my friends Do it, when they explain to me their ideas. Because if you do the math, the only thing stopping you from achieving such ideas is yourself and the unnecessary doubt you’ve decided to keep at bay.

Okay, so you ask; what if I fail?

In the growing stages of any business,  you must chose to do it on your own until your craft has grown in an abundance. You set the tone for longevity, you conjure up a deep appreciation for real value and authenticity; something I personally feel you grow into and can’t be bought.

Failure, like anything in this world is inevitable. Eventually you need to face it to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone that I’ve known or have looked up to, has a failing moment and that doesn’t make them any less awesome.. it makes them that much more invincible because they saw failing as a perk versus to a con.

What has contributed to my small yet mighty wins is remaining true to my core values, remaining grounded to my means to change the perspective of this world and paying attention to the sense of urgency that surfaces, whether that’s a need to create or self care.

I am surrounded by women who do many things, both on a small or large scale. Whether they have a full staff or just a best friend who gets the vision. Either way, it’s all possible. It’s always been possible and it will always be possible.