Juliana Roubinet The tape projectofff@ckFood Photography by Bobby DohertyJeanpierre Le Roux

Welcome to August, what I always like to call; a pink and yellow haze filled with goodies and a new start.

1. The Tape Project by Julien Roubinet brings me back to the classics with pure nostalgia. The project highlights the years of music and transformation. Highlighting artist like Pink Floyd to Led Zepplin

2. offf@ck is both appealing and relatable. Found this print on Society 6 and being that I’m moving soon, this will suit the new place.

3. Food photography by Bobby Doherty is really self-explanatory but I have a low-key obsession with fried/eggs over easy.

4. Doughnut C by Jean-Pierre Le Roux, who I’m sure I’ve posted about before has become a mild design obsession of mine. He does 3-d art and animation, something I’ve been wanting to get into. This doughnut is only A SMALL FRACTION of what this dude can do. Sick.