The Self Employed Life is both thrilling and tricky. It’s the holy grail of true adulthood and while you may panic, you might also succeed.

But sometimes when people ask me, “Hows the freelance life?” …well, it’s not always rainbow and good carbs.

Sometimes: sandwiches, Ramen and even the occasional breakfast for dinner will become your go-to meals.

Adopting anxiety around the first of every month will happen.

With angst, you roam the internet to find the person who invented Net-30 payouts.

When you say “I’m a freelancer..” your stomach rises to your throat.

You have a google sheet for everything and anything.

Sometimes you break even. Sometimes you just …break.

With one-eye open, you check your bank balance.

Adulting on medium, yet now¬†you’re adulting on advance mode.

Finessing is your middle name.

You won’t show up unless someone is cutting you a check.

The idea of coupons suddenly sounds cool.


You will learn from all your mistakes.

Waking up to a day on your terms is liberating.

Budgeting becomes second nature.

The value of things are priceless

Work hard, play hard.