…Because they say less is more.
The words Simple style go hand-in-hand and in most cases fall in time to most girls terms and conditions. Either way, it’s all about making it work for you and no one else.SIMPLE STYLE - H&M DRESSIF you follow me on Twitter then I am sure you know the numerous rants I go on about style and the devastating topic of the things “fashion bloggers” wear.

IF you still follow me then it goes to say that you don’t take me seriously… which you shouldn’t.

So this time around, I am keeping things simple. Stupid simple. Mainly because my life is too complicated of all sorts to be caught in a web that relies solely on staying in trend or dressing according to season.

I say that now but don’t let it be mistaken for the occasional “FOMO” that seeps into my mind as I scroll through the new arrivals section and remembering how so-and-so has it and etc…

Yet not all styles or trends fall in line with who I am and the terms and conditions that apply to my so-called aesthetic. But that’s the partial beauty of keeping a tab on simple style; it may not apply to everyone but everyone gets it.