stepping out, stepping up

Melody Ehsani


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There’s this overwhelming feeling that comes with pursuing what you want. Tightly gripped around your brain and won’t stop humming a beat of which you walk to, just until you’re exactly where you ought to be.

It’s strange.

How tough we are on ourselves but feel a sense of accomplishment by doing so. Like, this is what being a creative feels like: constant wooziness that you would normally feel when taking strong prescriptions.

The overhead of where I am right now is daunting …for sure. But what has saved me lately is the notion of stepping out, stepping up. Consistently following through with collaborations, connecting with new people and creating what feels like a piece of true brand identity.

At least, that’s the first step of getting rid of that wooziness.

Editorial taken by Yesica of Simply Lively 

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