THE CATALOG – Highlighting women in business

the catalogTo give you a brief introduction to Bae Worldwide, they are an eclectic group of women that run a monthly party in Atlanta that is totally compartmentalized by them; from DJ’ing, marketing to set design.

These ladies carry an infectious and positive movement that supports each other versus to tearing one down.

So a few months back, I was brainstorming on how the ladies of Bae Worldwide could bring together more women under one roof to celebrate the business they run and exchange tips and trades.

With that, The Catalog was born. A workshop and panel series that will highlight women from all walks of life. This series is curated to bring all women together and chat about the daunting issues that we face in the industry to how we manage the upkeep of our brands or businesses.

For this first series, I had the chance to chat it up with foodie advocate; Ashley Morgan of Eat Here ATL and Fashion PR and DJ Kitty Cash. Both women are beyond light-hearted and busting at the seams with so much advice and honesty.

My first panel was both nerve-wracking and uplifting, to see a group of people gather round to hopefully walk away with a better insight to what they should next in their career is a lot of pressure but worth sharing what I’ve learned.

From understanding the importance of universal appeal to expressing what we think is the epitome of good leadership, I walked away inspired and ready to tackle on my newest endeavors.

Looking forward to many more!

kitty cash and morgan ashleylotta frutta set design by paula The Catalog