UNDER THIS HOOD Checking under this hood you’ll be surprised to find someone less focused on what the world wants and someone more elated to give the world what it’s missing.

Under this hood on one hot ass Saturday, I frolicked in the sun to shake off  the worry of what I wasn’t doing instead of what I was. Playing around with the idea that maybe I am a child that never had her moment, and seeking after it feels a lot more forgiving than turning my cheek to “adulting.”

I don’t know.
All of that sounds extreme and the more I say that out loud the more I am okay with the notion that maybe, just maybe… I am too.

What’s under this hood is someone: out of shape with society, out of concern, or half the time out of the office. Foreshadowing someone that is 50% impartial and 50% too involved.

Under this hood is merely an individual who gravitates towards the awkward wonders of this life. Some moments are induced with colors, others are perpetuated on a crash course of “I’m too busy” or not busy enough.

Under this hood is trial and error, a sprinkle of glee with a dash of sarcasm;
A taste of someone who is genuinely interested in living in the acts of kindness, but too worried on finding the right shade of cool.


photos taken by Parris Pierce

what's under the hood