Varsities to Letterman’s; all proudly hang in my closet, adorned for their fixated structure and admired for all their reputable history.

Mind you, I graduated in 2018 but this jacket pictured originally belonged to my brother who by the looks of it was the golden child during the 90’s. But what was once someone else’s round of trophies has become the start of my undying romance with varsity and letterman jackets.

I currently own over 5 varsity jackets and this one letterman, considering that my current state consist of rarely no winters and blazing Summers, I’ve seem to collect them without resistance or remorse that money spent might be money never worn.

Varsities to Letterman’s are all crafted with two things in mind (well, in my mind): Quality and Versatility.

Quality because no exceptionally good varsity or letterman jacket will be found in our local Forever21 or H&M and believe me, I’ve tested the theory.

Then versatility; it’s ability to compliment itself so well with whoever has worn one amazes me. I haven’t seen someone wear a varsity jacket poorly, chime in below if you can prove me wrong but these kind of jackets were made to dress up or down the outfit not the one wearing it.

Over-the-moon with brands such as The Brooklyn Circus and Dimepiece whom pay their tributes to the holy grail of all jackets; has now only accumulated an obsession that is so real it has solidified as being a huge part of my aesthetic.

I mean, this was the first Letterman I have ever owned, given by a guy who was hoping that it’ll never see the ends of GoodWill. Although this jacket has grasped a bit of my unbiased attention; I thank him because that was the beginning of many more to come.IMG_0819-2All photos taken by Christian
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