WHO WHAT WEAR on my back and a touch of coziness with my Reeboks classics. Feels like I am back on my A-Game.

I’ve been resorting to this piece from WHO WHAT WEAR a lot lately; especially since this past month has been a blur filled with such great and fun moments, that what I wear has been a seamlessly become a reflection of total comfort.

Two weeks ago, I “accidentally” found this gem in Target while shopping for things I didn’t need but oh well, I made the plunge and bought it any ways because this piece is incredibly versatile and has proven to be my go-to when I want to layer it up but refrain from any heat strokes. Because you know, Miami.

Recently when I wore this out to a gig I was hosting, I was coined as cozy bae that night and was complimented on my 50,000 pockets with a gasp that was followed by a: “No purse tonight?”

Of course no purse tonight or any time! $35 later and this trench still has me winning.

– photos taken by Parris Pierce –_DSC0914 _DSC0924 _DSC0927 _DSC0932