atomikThis past weekend was chaos; in the best way imaginable. Recently I took the role as Creative Director full-time with YesJulz and well, I’ve been hitting the ground running since then.

This past weekend the team and I worked tirelessly around the clock to get the YesJulz Agenda Miami booth situated, literally spent most of my time painting the walls and figuring out how
we would incorporate all the activations and brands.

Within our booth, we had:

Grizzly Print Parlour who printed onsite custom designs that I had the honor of designing for YesJulz and Puma.

A NMM wall, where people got to listen to the playlist the moment it went live.

Then a set-up with all of YesJulz merch and Pacsun tees

The booth had to reflect Julz, from all her current endeavors to what the agency is all about and after two days of people coming and going, I think it was a hit!

Sidenote: Atomik popped up at our booth and did some light sketching. Tried so hard to not fan-girl.

Photo Jul 18, 10 24 54 AM Photo Jul 22, 11 51 30 AM

Photo Jul 15, 3 24 49 PM Photo Jul 15, 5 04 14 PM Photo Jul 15, 10 23 34 AM Photo Jul 19, 2 25 30 PM Photo Jul 19, 11 24 41 AM Photo Jul 18, 9 37 43 AM